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From: Little Ticket To Wealth HQ

Dear Future Home Business Millionaire...

I first must warn you far in advance that...
This report is NOT for everyone!

If you are weak minded, seeking the "path of least resistance", with little to no real desire to roll up your sleeves to make your dreams a reality, ones that you can touch, feel and experience, then my friend, I must ask you to X out of this page right now. It's for your own good that we part ways before we even begin.

Why, You Ask?

Because I am not here to waste your time.
I'm not here to spoon feed you the latest "secrets" that will magically make prospects crawl to you, begging you to take their money.
<--- Truth, that doesn't exist!

Success in any program, regardless of product, compensation plan, or (GASP), dare I even say who your sponsor is, boils down to 3 core fundamentals...

Without systems in place for lead generation, follow up
and closing, you have NOTHING.

All you have is a fancy, self-replicated website with your name on it that 8,903 other members in that same program have access too. <--- Boring!

Unless you know how to efficiently do the following...

Sift + Sort + Select (we'll break this down in just a sec)

You have no shot at collecting any real money, long term.


Does this piss you off?

In my own sick and twisted mind, I secretly hope that it does. Reason being is because if you're awake now and paying attention to this report more closely, then there's hope for you yet.


Welcome To Little Ticket To Wealth...

My name's Tim. I'll be your virtual tour guide as I help walk you through the very simple process of
going from a struggling newbie to a full time rock-star cashing $10,000 checks at the bank.

Here's How To Make That Happen...

Remember where I said that success boils down to 3 core fundamentals? Lets start there with Fundamental #1.

---> Lead Generation <---

This honestly is the most important step. With leads, you can make bank in just about any program you want. Without leads, you'll be wandering the Internet Hallways, struggling just to stay alive, before you duck tail and run to the next shiny new program that promises you the world on silver platter. <--- When's the last time that success / money was delivered to you on a silver platter, ie., without any real effort?

Any-hoo, the point being here that LEAD FLOW is akin to BLOOD FLOW. If your lead flow stops, then your money will soon stop. Just as if your blood flow stops, you will soon stop too. So the mission here is to (NOT) let your lead flow stop, to have it be on-going, perpetually scalable, unstoppable.


How to get leads is an easy skill to learn and once acquired,
can pay you for years to come!

It's as if a whole new world opens up when you know
this most valuable skill.

One that includes freedom, more money, independence,
more lifestyle...


So, let's assume that you do NOT have this skill, as of yet.
Where does one begin?


Starting with the worst of them all...

angry Worst Way Ever arrow Harvesting (ie., scraping)


This idea started many moons ago, when scrapers were all the rage online. Nowadays, you can buy a cheap scraper for less than $100 and begin extracting leads off sites like Craigslist, Yahoo Classifieds, eBay, etc...

Yes, I know. I can read your mind. You're giddy with excitement like a 7 year old who just got his first bicycle.

You're thinking you just found the holy grail to Internet Marketing Riches!

You'll just scrap your way to the top, bombard millions of people with your biz opp, and they'll all join you.


So before you go bouncing off to Google to find one, know this first...

A) It pisses people off, royally. (Would YOU want your contact info harvested, then resold, to be contacted by dozens of clueless twerps, just trying to make a dollar off you?)

B) You have to figure out what to do with the leads once you extract them, ie., now you have 2,000,000 email addresses or 500,000 phone numbers, what next? You think you can blast emails to those 2,000,000 contacts for cheap, using a $20 emailing software script you pick up from the Warrior Forum that you install on your desktop? (Yeah, right!) Or cold calling all those leads is the secret solution because you have more time on your hands than money? (Yeah, good luck with that one, you won't make it past 50 calls before wanting to pull your eyebrows out).

C) You have NO permission to contact these people. Period.

D) The real work begins once you have the leads in your hand. What to do with them, what to say, how to massage the conversation to where people will give .09 seconds of their time before hitting delete, etc...

For the record...

arrow I Absolutely (100%) Despise Software That Scraps Other Peoples Personal Details!

I've never used a scraper tool in my nearly 10 years of being a full time, home business entrepreneur. And believe me, the opportunity to do so has been made available more than once. From selling them, to using them, to having my teams use them, etc... Not once did I ever cross that line.

angry Second (Best Way) arrow Generate your own leads

This is where most people "graduate" too, ie., being able to pull leads off sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube after they have some success, money and confidence under their belt.

The trick here is to overcome an avalanche of a learning curve without losing your shirt. You typically end up buying info-product after info-product after info-product, trying to locate the one magic bullet to making running paid advertising work in your favor.

This never-ending accumulation of information, ideas and strategies quickly leads to over-whelm and confusion.

And this is where a lot of people quit in disgust, as they can't see themselves "forking out more good money after bad". (Yep, been there, done that!)

This leads us to the last and final way to get leads. It's typically the fastest route, that circumvents the mammoth learning curve and eliminates a lot of the trial-n-error, money wasting experiences that a lot of Home Business Entrepreneurs deal with.

You Want The Holy Grail To Getting More Leads
Than You Can Handle?

This Is It...

angry The Best (Fastest) Option arrow Buy Data (aka, Get Leads Now!)

This is literally the dream shortcut, if there ever was one!

It's easiest, most efficient use of your time, to get started with lead generation.

You don't need any special skill sets, you can grow as you learn and all the while, earning too.

Here's what we mean when we say "Buy Data"...

There are lead vendors (such as us) who will provide to you a list of interested prospects who responded to an ad, indicating interest in a certain subject. In our case, it's how to work from home, make more money from home, be your own boss, etc...

Typical information would include things like...


When you can tap into this DATA almost instantly, it makes your job as a marketer far much easier.

You can then turn around and (legally, ethically) market to that pre-built list, to your desire.

Think of it like building a tree house...

Ever watch the show, Tree House Masters, off the Animal Planet channel? If not, check it out sometime. In the meantime, understand that when they go across country to build a tree house for a client, they do NOT start from scratch. Instead, they drive in pre-built sections of the tree house, to be put together on site. This is how they can accomplish putting together one heck of a tree house in a matter of days.


Buying data is the same as having sections of your list already DONE FOR YOU!

But you must be forewarned...

Buying data isn't as easy as going to Google and buying a set of leads. As we recently discovered, there's a HUGE injustice being played out that you need to be aware of.


As of July 2015, doing basic searches in Google, Yahoo and Bing, we uncovered some of our competitors selling leads that were of (umm, shall we say), out of this world with regards to price.

Here's what we did...

We searched under keywords such as home business leads, mlm leads, and business opportunity leads.

And for total transparency, we encourage you to do the same thing. Take 9 minutes, and do your
searches to find your own truth.

Here's ours...


Did you see what we saw?

1 Truth #1 arrow Their prices are sky-high
4 Truth #2 arrow After purchase, you get a lead list, ie., csv file of names. (Ok, great! Now what?)
3 Truth #3 arrow All you are is a SALE.

Lets break this down, even further...

You can take the next year, to study, learn everything you can about lead generation, spend thousands of dollars in trial and error, getting frustrated, losing your temper with your family because you're so stressed out...


You can tap into an existing flow of pre-qualified leads (starting right now) that have recently raised their hand, expressing interest in finding a home business like yours!

You can choose from one of 3 packages:


Ok, so now you know all about Fundamental #1 and the instant solution we provide to you. Lets roll into Fundamental #2 right now...

---> CASHFLOW <---

Lets face reality for a second...

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, never met one of Visa or Mastercards Senior Account Reps when they call you at 8 o'clock, wondering where their payment is. I, for one, do not suggest burying yourself into debt to build your home business. I suggest self-funding it with INSTANT MONEY!

Yeah Baby, Lets Talk Money...


As unbelievable as it might sound, we do have a killer compensation plan that can actually pay you up to $600 per sale (INSTANTLY) so you can avoid becoming a slave to Visa and Mastercard while building your primary home biz opp!

You can collect 100% (INSTANT) commissions from our exclusive Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan!

Simply by pointing people to your personalized referral link, you can ignite a fury of 100% commission sales right to you. You don't have to sell anything. Let us all do (ALL) of the work. You reap all of the rewards.

Here's How the Money Flows To You...

Your first sale is always yours. It's money that you can replenish your ad budget with, take your sweet heart out with, or just put into an account for a rainy day.

From there, the Reverse 2 Up kicks into high gear.


Your 2nd and 4th sales will act as "qualifiers" and will roll up to your sponsor. You will collect
off the 1st and 3rd sale, and then 100% on-going, with each sale.

Here's the kicker...

Each level has it's own set of qualifiers! So that means you could potentially be collecting a total of (6) pass up sales, for each one of the 3 levels, if you were to enter into the highest level, ie., BOSS MEMBERSHIP.

That'd be a total revenue stream of $2,000 per member.

2 Qualifiers @ Lite ($100) = $200

2 Qualifiers @ Manager ($300) = $600

2 Qualifiers @ BOSS ($600) = $1200

This is BIG, BIG Money!

The numbers tell the truth. There's an enormous amount of passive income that's available to you. This is money that you can use to eliminate all debt and speed past your competition, as they're left struggling to pay for their marketing, all out of pocket.

This is a GOOD thing for you, as this is passive money, that's able to fund your primary business, without you having to go Visa and Mastercard and ask for $5,000. <--- Been there, done that, it's NOT fun!

A lot of our members set this up on "auto-pilot" by adding what's known as an email signature in
all of their outbound emails. It could look something like this...

Q: Where can you find the best MLM leads, at the best prices?
A: Go here for a free report ==> YOUR LINK WOULD BE HERE

Or they'll run cheap little classified ads on network sites like ClixSense.com, or USFreeAds.com

Either way, there are a ton of low cost ways to promote this, WITHOUT taking attention away from your primary biz opp. In fact, inside the LTTW members area, I'll give you a really slick way to "back door" people right into the program, and they'll thank you for it! <--- Cha-Ching, Income Stream #2 is in place!

Little Ticket To Wealth Is The Slickest (Easiest)
Shortcut You Can Imagine...

So far, we've nailed the top two Fundamentals: Lead-Flow + Cash-Flow.

These two alone can set you free. However, there's a 3rd Fundamental that must be addressed and it's...

---> Execution <---

Earlier in the report, I mentioned to you the concept of...

Sift + Sort + Select

This is where we embrace technology to work smart, not hard. <--- No more Saturdays spent calling cold lead lists!

Here's where this comes into play.

We want to teach you how to efficiently "work the numbers" to your favor using one of 2 primary methods that we've mastered...

Method #1 ---> EMAIL BLASTING

Method #2 ---> VOICE BLASTING

These are gonna be your top two methods to use, to work the leads you're going to get from Little Ticket To Wealth.

Method #1, is by far the easiest and fastest way to launch a lead collecting campaign. In fact, it can be set up to run for you, with as little as 10 minutes a day, using our Powered By Email platform. (See below)

Method #2, is a little more expensive (gotta buy minute packages @ .015 cent per minute) but it's wickedly effective at dragging prospects right into your lap so you can expose them to your offer.

Now mind you, there's nothing stopping you from doing both methods, at the same time. (Talk about going 80 MPH in 4.6 seconds!)

  • You'll flood your in-box with so many fresh leads,
    you'll be calling us, crying in joy.
  • Money in your account will be inevitable.
  • Your Future Freedom will be within your reach.

You see, it boils down to all 3 Fundamentals working together, to give you the best odds at cracking the vault to success.

No more struggle, posting stuff on Facebook, trying to get people to "like" you.

No more chasing friends and family members, to look at your newest deal.

No more wasting hard earned cash on ads you have no clue how to setup (As a member bonus, we'll show you how to do some cool stuff like Youtube Instream ads!)


Have you ever felt lost, confused, paralyzed by uncertainity?
(Personally, I Have!)


This is why we're going to offer you on-going support and training, so you can grow as an Entrepreneur and a Leader!

We have exclusive member only events via webinar + Periscope (you know, the new Twitter app?)

"Look over my Shoulder" marketing sessions so you can peek behind the curtain to see EXACTLY how we made the money we did.

Sizzling sales copy provided to you, for email, text and tweets, to build your following, so you can be seen "everywhere and anywhere".

At The End Of The Day, It's All Results...

Talk is cheap. You gotta walk the talk, stand behind your word, support what you say you can do.

Anything else is a free ride back to a JOB, as your future customers and prospects can tell the flakes from the real deal. This is one main reason why I want to teach you how to be a true Entrepreneur, one who works their business, is able to support their family, and be able to give back to their communities and churches.

Hold The Phone! We've Forgotten Something Else,
That's Extremely Important...


What would an offer be if it didn't offer you some FREE COOKIES?

So lets do this...

Bonus #1:
Contest Mania (value: $197)

Ever run an online contest? If you haven't, then you haven't experienced the adrenaline fueled rush of 100s of new leads being added to your Aweber or Getresponse lists, all automatically, day and night.

I want to walk yo through my favorite Contest Method along with the SOFTWARE that I use personally for all of my contests and viral list building.

Bonus #2:
Done For You Email Letters (value: $497)

You in an MLM deal, but struggling getting people to open / read your emails? You promoting a direct sales / high ticket offer but can't pre-qualify people?

No worries mate. I got your back. There's a series of emails, designed to help you break down your prospects resistance to you as well as your opportunity. Don't naively rely on corporate provided emails as they rarely (if ever) have enough "juice" to by pass your prospects skepticism, long enough for them to listen to what you have to say. All of our Done For You emails act like a chisel, chipping away at your prospects doubt and resistance, so they come closer to you.

Exclusive BOSS Bonuses Only...
BOSS Bonus #1:
Instant Qualification (Bank $2000)
Register @ the BOSS LEVEL and we'll instantly qualify your account so there are NO pass up sales from you to your sponsor. This is akin to putting $2,000 right into your pocket.
BOSS Bonus #2:
DOUBLE THE LEADS? (Retail Cost Yearly: $2330)

This bonus will NOT last, that's for certain! So please do not make the fatal error of assuming it will be here tomorrow, when in fact, it could be removed from this page at anytime!

Order your Little Ticket To Wealth BOSS membership right now and we'll DOUBLE your BOSS leads per month for the LIFE of your membership!

BOSS Bonus #3:
Complimentary PoweredByEmail.com Account! ($97/mo +)

Email Blaster + Call Center in ONE unified marketing tool!


Inside Powered by Email, you'll be able to systematically sift and sort through thousands of new leads daily to pinpoint the best pre-qualified prospects available. People who will be reaching out to YOU to learn more about your offer, system and opportunity.

If you can push buttons, then you make this work for you as there is NO IMPORTING or DOWNLOADING of any software to make this work.

Powered By Email is web based, so it goes where you go!


And If you HATE the phone then you'll LOVE this...

We have a fully staffed call center on hand to follow up with your leads for you, sending you premium prospects straight to you in real time. No more wasting hours calling back leads, being awkward, shy, about calling leads. Now someone else can step in and do that work for you. Your complimentary account includes up to 20 new call backs per month!

Just Added Moments Ago...

Brand New
BOSS Bonus #4:

Your own private voice blaster account + ringless
messaging software included!

(Street value of at least $600 +)

It's the secret weapon behind many 6-figure
and 7-figure entrepreneurs!

Few marketing weapons can compare to the sheer speed, precision and efficiency that a well crafted voice blast campaign can deliver in a short period of time. From idea to fulfillment can take under an hour, and you can literally be seeing dozens of new leads flying into your voice mail box and/or email in-box within minutes.

Plus, we've gone the extra mile for you to include a brand new Ringless Messaging software that enables you to drop an unlimited number of voice mail messages onto your prospects cell phones without their phone ever ringing! This is truly cutting edge as very few marketers even know this option exists and is ready to be deployed right now.

(FYI, there's one service provider we know of that offers the Ringless Messaging technology and it's selling the software (by itself without the voice blast account for $297!) You get it included here for FREE + the voice blast account with your BOSS Level membership!

Those are some AMAZING free cookies, if I do say so myself!

Applying the contest strategy alone can help you gather 1000s of free leads, for each every contest run. And those email letters? How often have you sat in front of your computer, staring at a blank screen, not knowing what to write or say to your prospects? My guess, is more often than you care to recall. Those done for you email letters will resolve that "writers block" for you, instantly.

So lets' re-cap...

You can choose from one of 3 available package levels:

+ Free Cookies (aka, BONUSES!)
+ Training via Webinar + Periscope
+ Built-In emailer / Call Center / Voice Blaster + Ringless Messaging (BOSS LEVEL ONLY!)

Little Ticket To Wealth is a complete package for all of your lead generation and marketing under one roof. You can build any home business you want using the leads, tools, software and resources provided to you.

The one time licensing fee and the extremely low monthly cost is a steal, considering the set up and monthly fees associated with going "piece meal" by adding in multiple 3rd party service providers can be sky high!

Aside from the time lost researching quality tools and lead vendors as well as the added aggravation of accessing multiple portals with unique logins, billing cycles, etc... there's the obvious money savings too.

  • Call Center access alone can run you in excess of $1000 set up + monthly usage fees, based on per call.
  • A web based voice blast account will set you back about $300 - $400. If you want the Ringless Messaging software added in (even if they have it, most don't) will cost ya an additional $297 or more.
  • A quality emailer, to run your leads through, like the one we have with Powered By Email, will run $97/mo.
  • The leads alone will not only save you $100s per month, $1000s per year but can make you a lot of money too.
  • And the training, learning how to do a lot of cool stuff that will make you look like a Rock-Star in front of your prospects is PRICELESS.

Work Smart, Not Hard!

Allow technology to be your partner, your friend even. Not your enemy. Use systems and tools to do the majority of the selling and telling for you so you don't have to be bogged down, tied to your computer and in-box for 14 hrs per day. You could be spending more time with your family, friends and other social activities, while your business quietly and consistently churns out leads, sales and profits for you.


Little Ticket To Wealth Is One Of Those Official
Offers That's Dubbed A "No Brainer"!

In closing, I have no doubt that you could collectively piece together your own marketing blueprint. But why go through the hassle and frustration when you don't have too? We're in the marketing trenches everyday. We live and breath lead generation for ourselves as well as our clients. We've mastered how to get more leads than you have time to handle. <--- Trust me, you want to be in a position where you can say NO to the wrong prospects!

Since 2009, we've been serving thousands of entrepreneurs, from all backgrounds and program styles, who have passed through our sacred walls of membership, who have gone on to build 6-figure and even 7-figure businesses. (Many clients are still members to this day, over 6 + years later!)

Now it's your turn to get into the marketing waters with us, and begin seeing new lead flow starting in as little as the next 48 hours or less.

Step 1: Select your package option now

Step 2: Create Your New Account Right Now

Oh, one more thing. As a new incoming member to LTTW, you'll be instantly eligible for a 15 minute Strategy Session to assist you with getting the maximum amount of value from the program. This session is 100% "pitch free" and is solely intended to help you launch your new marketing efforts in the shortest amount of time possible.

I'll speak with you again, on the inside.


PS: Most people don't have one solid lead source for their home business of choice. They're literally in the woods at night, wandering around, trying to decipher what new "shiny object" is gonna be the next big thing that will automatically make them all this money while they sit on their rear-ends.

PSS: Offer re-cap in 18 words:

We deliver the leads. We help you follow up with the leads. We help you close your leads.

PSSS: You're busy, you don't have time to sit there on Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat for 9 hours a day, posting pictures, liking posts, trying to gain some momentum in your business. The shortcut is to plug into an existing flow of good leads that you can approach your primary biz opp with.

PSSSS: Here's a millionaires tip...

Mobile population growth is incredible. While 1% of the world’s population had mobile access in ’95. Today, 73% of the world has mobile access. You can reach your audience from a basement in Idaho, so long as you have Wi-Fi! Ignoring the movement to mobile, building an SMS list, etc... is a critical mistake you can't afford to make.

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1 Little Ticket To Wealth Fact #1 arrow No one can beat our prices for the quality of leads we provide to our clients!
4 Little Ticket To Wealth Fact #2 arrowYes, you get the leads sent over to you via password protected account PLUS training and resources on how to effectively use the leads for your personal gain.
3 Little Ticket To Wealth Fact #3 arrowYou're not just a "sale" to us but rather a valued client of ours, with whom we want to establish a long term working relationship with. Some of our clients we've met personally, hung out with, broke break with, at live events, such as Ryan Deisss Traffic and Conversion Summit as well as the No Excuses Summit.
4 Little Ticket To Wealth Fact #4 arrowNo other mlm lead program is giving you 100% commissions, up to $600, right into your pocket!

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