Most (if not all of) the questions asked below are from our prospects, who've asked them.
If you find that your specific question is NOT addressed, then please contact us directly.


QUESTION #1: My sponsor told me that I should be using Facebook and Twitter. I'm new at this stuff, so I don't know what the best use of my time really is. I see potential using Social Media, but to me, its more of a long term model than anything else. I need leads now. What do I do?

ANSWER: Until you're making at least $2K a month and have done so for at least 3 months in a row, then I would forget about all of the following:

- FORGET ABOUT learning reams of HTML and building a website. (I don't have a CLUE as to how to build a site!)

- FORGET ABOUT spending thousands of hours and thousands of dollars investing in or creating a product. (Use someone elses or go P/L)

- FORGET ABOUT needing any previous online or marketing experience. (I'm an eX-fry cook who's self taught!)

- FORGET ABOUT clicking on links via traffic exchanges for hours on end. (This is a HUGE waste of time!)

- FORGET ABOUT Google and Facebook PPC Advertising Options (Unless you have $500+ a month to spend)

- FORGET ABOUT needing any technical knowledge about scripts or servers (I'm a certified TECH GEEK!)

- FORGET ABOUT sweating bullets on Link-Building, Twitter, CPA networks, Media Buying & PPV traffic. (Say what?)

- FORGET ABOUT torturing yourself with social bookmarking, email swaps, classified ads, article marketing, JV partners and affiliates. (Too damn time consuming, just give me the LEADS!)

In the beginning, the ONLY thing you should be focused on is getting more leads than you have time to handle. There's nothing else out there that will give you the direct shot of MOMENTUM you need to get past the initial barriers of Doubt and Confusion like 5-10 new leads per day entering your funnel.

(This is where Little Ticket To Wealth comes into play!)

Once you're making money and have some momentum built, then perhaps branch out into other avenues of marketing. There's nothing wrong with learning new techniques, but there is something wrong with losing FOCUS and getting too scattered too quickly.

QUESTION #2: Everything on the sales page looks and sounds great, but what else can you tell me about the training that you include?

ANSWER: In addition to the Direct Response Marketing (the HIGHEST paid form of Marketing) Webinar, we do weekly text and email blasts to our members, informing them of different ideas and concepts, as they relate to generating MORE traffic, leads and sales.

In addition, we do have excellent content in the members area, including stuff like:

- How to write subject lines that absolutely, 100% DEMAND ATTENTION like a car wreck... you simply can't look away.

- A BIG and COSTLY MISTAKE we see many marketers making... and how to RESOLVE it... FAST.

- What are BEST times of the week to send out a BROADCAST email to your prospect lists? (the answer may SHOCK you)

- How to EFFORTLESSLY catapult yourself into the "Income-at-Will" position! (Trust me. It's a GREAT position to be in.)

- The absolute LATEST traffic strategies to pull home leads for 2 bucks a piece all day long, & get this... NOT on the Internet.

(There are some rapidly exploding trends that YOU should
know about BEFORE your competition does!)

QUESTION #3: How are the opportunity leads generated?

ANSWER: We generate approximately 65% - 70% of our leads each month through our own online and offline network of advertising, using banner ads, solo ads, pay-per-click, co-registration, postcards, 1-800 lines, etc... The remaining 30% - 35% are supplied to us through one of our 3 approved lead vendors that we've had direct working relationships with for the last 8 years.

QUESTION #4: With regards to the 50k - 400K leads provided each month, what kind of leads are they and what's included with them?

ANSWER: Most of the leads given out are what are referred to as: Real Time Biz Opportunity Survey Leads (Non Co-Reg)

- While obvisiously no longer "real time", they are still of good quality. They are fully opt-in AND have answered many questions regarding starting a home based business.

- These can be used as auto-responder leads

- They are also good for "Can Spam" compliant email marketing

- They are also good for voice broadcasting (Please use common sense when conducting and/or requesting a voice blast campaign. It's strongly advised that you scrub the lead list against the Do Not Call list as to avoid any possible issues).

- They contain full data including... Name, email, street, city, state, zip code, IP address, date and time stamp and phone number.

QUESTION #5: On the sales page, it shows that the CEO level gets far more leads than the Associate or Manager members do. Plus it says the CEO level includes a free "web based" bulk eMailer. Can you break this down for me?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely! Little Ticket To Wealth offers you 3 different levels of participation, each with its own level of product delivery. They are as follows:


Associate Members: 100K opportunity seeker leads + 1,000 buyer leads

Manager Members: 200K opportunity seeker leads + 2,000 buyer leads

CEO Members: 400K opportunity seeker leads + 4,000 buyer leads

In addition, CEO members collect 10,000 fresh (SMS) leads, which are your cell phone leads, as well as 1,000 fresh (GEO-TARGETED*) leads, which are your area code or state specific leads.

The GEO TARGETED leads are available each month to the CEO member upon REQUEST ONLY! We will not fulfill the GEO TARGETED lead order without a request from the member directly each month. The reason(s) for this are simple. 1) These leads are highly sought after and we do not want them to go to waste, so we want to make sure they will be used. 2) You will need to inform us of the state / area code you want the leads generated from, within reason of course. By that I mean you can't expect to claim 1,000 leads from Arlee, Montana as you would from say Irvine, California.

As for the web based bulk eMailer, this is a complimentary account only. We have no choice but to max out capacity at 5K per day for the long term marketing stability of our clients. This actually works in your favor because if we did NOT limit the emails sent, the servers we send from would literally be worth less than a empty paper cup on the side of the road from the excessive and continious wear and tear.

Since the eMailer is "web based", there are no downloads or
software installs. Everything is set up for you, ready to go.

As for the SMS leads, we do have an available (optional) service (for additional charge) that will blast out a SMS Marketing Campaign for you. Please inquire from within the LTTW members area under eMarketing Services for more details.

QUESTION #6: Is the $10, $20 or $40 per month an option or a requirement?

ANSWER: You must remain an active member of Little Ticket to Wealth by maintaining your $10.00, $20.00 or $40.00/mo subscription if you wish to continue receiving your allotment of monthly leads and enjoy the PERKS and BENEFITS of being a Member such as the 100% Commissions.

If your $10.00, $20.00 or $40.00/mo subscription gets cancelled (FOR WHATEVER REASON), then you will lose access to your leads immediately as well as your paid position within Little Ticket To Wealth.

QUESTION #7: Speaking of access, exactly HOW do we get our leads every month?

ANSWER: You'll be assigned a username and password where you can retrieve your leads 24/7 from a secured location.
Each time a new batch of leads has been uploaded, you'll be alerted via email. All of the leads are available in CSV or Excel format and are available for a maximum of TWO months, after which they will be automatically deleted from the members area.

QUESTION #8: I don't know anything about importing, downloading, autoresponders, etc...

ANSWER: Don't let the words "importing", "downloading" or "autoresponders" scare you. Many rookies instantly go into brain-lock-down when they hear those words, because they've convinced themselves that they can't master even the simplest of techy stuff. Nonsense. If you can navigate the Internet and copy-n-paste, then you shouldn't have any problems retrieving and/or using the leads. However, if you should have problems, we have a full-time dedicated staff working 24/7 to support our Little Ticket To Wealth customers

QUESTION #9: On the sales page, it mentions having access to 100% Done For You services. Where can I get more info about this?

ANSWER: Yes, we offer 100% Done For You eMarketing campaigns as well as Do It Yourself for the "Home Depot" types!

100% Done For You eMarketing Campaign

- 100% Hands Free Lead Generation System
- 100% Can-Spam compliant... NO chance of getting your site shut-down
- We do ALL of the work for you
- All campaigns include ad copy, leads, importing & sending of the emails, etc...
- All you have to do is provide us with the link to your capture page
- Can be set up to be run with ANY program such as Gifting, Direct sales, 1 Up & 2 Ups, etc...
- Perfect for the part-timer
- Packages start at $49.97 per month* for 200K emails sent per month
- Larger packages are available upon request

Do It Yourself

- Upload 5,000 leads or more per day
- 100% Can-Spam Compliant
- Automatic removal link included in every email
- Can be used for ANY program
- Can store pre-written emails for easy sending
- 100% web based, access your account from anywhere in the world
- The Mailer and Autoresponders work on our servers so you don't lose your ISP!
- Use any leads you want!
- Easy to upload .csv lead file
- Tracking system that shows you who has opened the email and visited your site!
- Simple (3) step training video series get you up and running within minutes
- Prices start at $19.97 per month (Larger packages available)

* More Information On Each Is Available From Within The Members Area *

QUESTION #10: Your price for the number of leads supplied each month is almost too good to be true. Why such a low cost?

ANSWER: Don't let the low cost fool you. These leads bring us thousands of dollars each month in residual as well as
up-front income from a variety of programs. Use these leads to build your fortune in whatever program you want.

In addition, we priced Little Ticket To Wealth so ridiculously low on purpose so that ANYONE could be a part of it, and
therefore benefit from it.

QUESTION #11:Lets talk MONEY for a second. Exactly how do we get paid, and how do the 3 levels work with regards to the Reverse 2 Up compensation plan?

ANSWER: Great question! We'll address the "how do we get paid" portion first.

You can choose from a variety of online payment processors such as PayPal, Payza, LinkPoint or (If you have an existing LinkPoint or acct., you can use it here). You're paid directly from the enrolling member so there's no waiting for a check. You can usually transfer funds to your personal accounts (checking or savings) within 2-3 business days. Linkpoint and accounts do this automatically for you. Registration time for PayPal and/or Payza is just minutes and it's FREE. More information is available from within the members area, on the Profile page.

As for the REVERSE 2 UP...

It's important to note that each LEVEL has its own set of qualifiers. To make it even more simpler, here's a basic breakdown of how it works.

Associate: As a Associate Member, you can only enroll Associate members, or collect $100 per referal and possibly any Associate pass-ups. You can not enroll (benefit from) any Manager or CEO sales. They will roll past you and go to the sponsor above you who is eligible.

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd



Manager: If you're Manager, then you can collect on BOTH Associate and Manager, but NOT the CEO level! Any CEO referals will roll past you to the next highest eligible person.

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd


CEO: If you're CEO, then you can collect from ANY level.

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd

You keep: 2nd and 4th
You pass up: 1st and 3rd

QUESTION #12: Give me a reason as to WHY I should join Little Ticket To Wealth right now?

ANSWER: Ok, I'll do one better than that. I'll give you THREE solid reasons why you'd be foolish to pass up a program like LTTW.

Reason #1 - Little Ticket To Wealth is a NON COMPETITIVE program. Meaning, it fits hand-in-glove with just about other income opportunity type of program. It's the perfect COMPLIMENTARY opportunity because it gives you a 2nd chance to collect a YES from your prospect!

Reason #2 - With Little Ticket To Wealths Instant $100 - $400 Per Sale (after qualification) you don't even need a primary program. You can easily see 3-5 direct referals per week to start just by offering LTTW to the millions of starving Networkers who need access to quality leads, tools and the right training.

Think of it like this...- They're gonna buy leads, tools and training from someone... may as well be from YOU!

Reason #3 - Your prospects will inevitably ask YOU how and where to get leads. You can easily refer them to Little Ticket To Wealth as a source for leads as well as a 2nd income stream OR if they join you in your primary program, you could give them a comped position in LTTW as a BONUS for joining with you. (Please note the monthly fee CAN NOT be comped!)

QUESTION #13: Now that you're including BUYER LEADS with our Little Ticket To Wealth membership, I'll be sending over my entire TEAM for those leads. But my particular question to you is this... what's the BEST way to use the BUYER LEADS, in your opinion?

ANSWER: The BUYER LEADS are really, really hot. And they've been PROVEN to produce for people in cash gifting and direct sales, in particular. The ones seeing the BEST results are using voice broadcast with a web address OR a postcard campaign with a 1-800 number.

QUESTION #14: What exactly is a BUYER LEAD and why is it better than anything else?

ANSWER: A BUYER LEAD is exactly that... it's a person whose BOUGHT something related to the make money from home niche. This type of lead is a perfect match if you're promoting a make money from home opportunity as the lead has already
identified themselves as being a serious prospect for make money from home offers, as they've recently bought related products, such as ebooks, video courses, membership sites, software, etc... on the subject.

Think of it like this...

If you were selling a course on how to pick the best rental properties, wouldn't it make sense to get your offer in front of people who've recently picked up real estate magzines, bought the Carlton Sheets course, etc...??

QUESTION #15: I've been in 19 different programs in the past year. I'm 59 years old and I'm scared to death that I won't be able to support my wife when I get closer to retirement age. That's why I'm looking for programs to make extra money with.

But all it seems that's out there are scams, hype and more scams. What's the SECRET to making this work? I mean seriously... I need help. I'm gonna go broke.

(FYI... Delvin in Chicago wrote this to me back in February 2011. We ended up shooting back and forth like 10 different emails but the one that's most important to you is the one I'm gonna share with you below. It's FILLED with RAW TRUTH. Read and re-read again 10x times.)

ANSWER: Here's The TRUTH Behind How The Big Boys And Girls Collect Daily Leads And Cash 5 Figure Checks...

Big Lead Secret #1 --> You have to be AWARE that your "LIST" is your most prized ASSET you have.

A lot of people don't get this. So let me be very blunt here as to not to confuse anyone...

If you're spending ANY amount of money for lead generation, either online or offline and if you're not collecting 100% of those leads into your own Marketing Funnel, one that you control, then you must STOP what you're doing before you go broke.

I can speak from personal experience about this because back in 1998, when I first got introduced to Internet Marketing,
I blindly followed the leader, ran ads, got leads and gave them away without as much as a second thought. In other words,
I was making other people a lot of money, while I was going broke FAST. Yes, I was STUPID.

Think about it for a sec... Does it make sense for you to be running ads, collecting leads, only to have those same leads
be funneled to someone else, so he or she can market to them, long after you've quit their deal and moved onto something else?

It's a RECIPE for disaster and it happens more frequently than you can imagine. Everyday, people just like you are taught
to blindly follow the Guru like lemmings off a cliff. You can guess how that scenario plays out!

Little Lead Secret #2 --> You should be working with MASSIVE NUMBERS OF LEADS every month.

The big players of our industry are really Professional Sifters and Sorters. They understand that to find the prospects who are looking for them, they must sift and sort through the masses as fast and as furiously as they can. This is why they use TOOLS / SOFTWARE / AUTOMATION. Which leads us directly into Secret #3...

Little Lead Secret #3 --> You should be LEVERAGING technology to work for YOU 24/7.

Don't be afraid of technology. Most stuff in todays world are so "user-friendly" that it's almost laughable, compared to the way it was 10 years ago when you were almost forced to figure this stuff out on your own. Today, you have webinars, recorded videos, forums and live support to help you.

Some of the most popular tools our clients use are...

* Voice Broadcasting * Direct Mail * Email Marketing

Gone are the days of working HARD. It's time to work SMART.

Little Lead Secret #4 --> You need injections of DAILY CASH to FEED you for the long term.

Cashflow is KING. Why do you think restuarants and real estate are so popular? Is it because entrepreneurs like working 14 hour days or fixing toilets at 11 pm on a Saturday night? Hell no. They do it for the CASHFLOW that those operations spin-off, amongst other reasons. And it's NO different here. Home based entrepreneurs need direct injections of CASHFLOW into our bank accounts to help maintain confidence, direction and momentum. Without it, we're as good as sunk like a rubber raft in the Atlantic.

QUESTION #16: I'm a skeptic at heart, so I have to ask... what's your REFUND POLICY?

ANSWER: The short answer is that there are NO REFUNDS permitted in Little Ticket To Wealth. The reason for this philosophy is simple. It's because we're giving entrepreneurs a serious boost to their marketing for literally pennies on the dollar. For that reason alone, we will not tolerate prospects who join and end up causing problems for our team members. If you're thinking about how to collect your money back even before you get in, then PLEASE do us all a favor and DO NOT JOIN Little Ticket To Wealth. This is a serious opportunity for serious entrepreneurs only.

QUESTION #17: Why is having a "list" so important?

ANSWER:Best selling author, Robert Kiyosaki, has said that people should acquire real estate to build wealth. While I do NOT disagree, I will respectively add that the "NEW" real estate in 2013 and beyond isn't necessarily limited to physical real estate and that it can / will include your personal database of prospects and their contact details.

The point being is that one of your most valuable ASSETS that you can acquire is your own personal opt-in LIST. Being able to swiftly and easily communicate with your leads, via email, over time, can lead to increased sales, stronger relationships, and more opportunities.

QUESTION #18: I'm looking for the push button simple, magic pill, get rich overnight while you sleep special formula and it doesn't appear as if you have that. Why?

ANSWER: Oh wow, if it were only that simple! Sorry to burst your dream bubble, but making a full time $100K or per more year from home takes effort, work, focus and a certain set of skills that most will never accumulate.

Will this answer lose me some sales? Most likely. But that's OK. My reputation and integrity far exceed the value that a few CEO enrollments will bring to our table, or yours for that matter.

QUESTION #19: Is Little Ticket To Wealth "saturated" after 4 + yrs in the industry?

ANSWER: Here's the deal... and I really don't mean to get into your face about it... but that is coming from a SCARCITY mindset. There were THOUSANDS of people promoting one certain program (name withheld) when I joined up a year ago and I still ended up making a whole boat load of money from it, even though, people had said it was "saturated".

But I realized the OCEAN OF OPPORTUNITY does not care if I take out a bucket of seawater or a swimming pools worth. There is plenty for all.

QUESTION #20: How often are the leads distributed to other people, other programs, etc...

ANSWER: We do our best to limit the distribution of the leads to as few as 4. In extreme situations (for example, during the summer months when lead production is lower), sometimes the leads are shared by as many 5 individuals. This is NOT a bad thing. In our 12 years experience of being full-time Marketers, we've discovered a painful truth amongst our customers and that is that the majority of people will not work their leads. Or if they do, they don't work them correctly. This leaves an open door of opportunity for the savvy marketer who knows this.

Little Ticket To Wealth